Sharing Its Vision, New York Mosque Great Imam Supports IIF

Published On : August 8, 2016 at 2:21 am


Sharing the same vision regarding the dawah of Islam, the Great Imam of the New York Islamic Centre, United States, Shamsi Ali, has expressed his commitment in participating in the Islamic International Fair (IIF).

His intent was communicated in his meeting with the Chairman of IIF, Magda Safrina, in Jakarta, August 4 2016. Shamsi views IIF as a great initiative in introducing Islam as it is practiced in Indonesia to the world; as such, the Nusantara Foundation founder has expressed his readiness in becoming a part of the IIF board of advisors.

Shamsi has also conveyed his commitment in paving the way for partnerships between Islamic education institutions in the United States with those operating within Indonesia.

Apart from that, the Bulukumba, South Sulawesi-born ustad will become a speaker in a discussion session titled “Islam in America in the Midst of Islamophobia”. This event will join a number of others in a line-up presented by IIF 2016.

The Chairman of IIF, Magda Safrina, was quick to accept the support of Shamsi Ali. Accoding to her, his presence in the events of IIF will further affirm the IIF vision to become a worldwide exhibition rooted in Islamic values.

“This is our opportunity to show the world the peaceful, beautiful core tenets of Islam,” said Magda.

IIF 2016 will be held on October 20 – 23 2016 in JiExpo Kemayoran, Jakarta. Apart from its discussion sessions, IIF will also hold a number of other events, among them Cultural Expo and Performance, Halal Food Exhibition, Islamic Fashion Show, Book and Education Program, as well as Umrah and Hajj Travel Expo.