Having one Vision, Ilham Habibie Joins the IIF

Published On : September 8, 2016 at 11:23 pm
Chairman of IIF, Magda Safrina saat berdiskusi dengan Ilham Habibie
Chairman of IIF, Magda Safrina having discuss with Ilham Habibie


Having the same vision to develop muslim entrepreneurs through the use of knowledge and technology, Ilham Akbar Habibie have officially joined the committee of IIF 2016.


Ilham who is the president of Ikatan Saudagar Muslim Indonesia (Indonesian Organization of Muslim Merchants) now is a part of the Steering Committee of IIF, with the head being Helmy G Shebubakar and KH Bactiar Nasir as his vice.


Chairman of IIF, Magda Safrina says she is very excited with Ilham Habibie joining the committee, “the IIF’s committee is like the dream team, everyone has their own part that completes each other, hopefully this will increase the quality of our event,” she states.


Other than being SC, Ilham Habibie will also be the speaker for one of the seminar programs themed “Building Indonesia Muslim Entrepreneur’s Glory”. The seminar is a collaboration between IIF with KADIN Middle East Committee and OKI.