Chef Muto Challenges International Chef To a Duel

Published On : August 14, 2016 at 12:08 pm


A battle will take place in the International Islamic Fair (IIF) 2016—not a boxing match, alas, nor a karate fight, but a culinary battle between two renowned chefs.
Mutofik Sultoni, commonly known as Chef Muto, is a chef with a unique flair in preparing his dishes. From knives sailing through the air, ingredients thrown and scattered to the four winds, to the shouts and movements that remind one of renowned kungfu masters from the Far East, there is never a dull moment when Chef Muto is in the kitchen.
The Tegal-born chef has had years of experience under his belt working for renowned restaurants both local and abroad, from Cafe Jimbaran, Akasaka Mas Jakarta, Midori Japanese Restaurant, Konomi Japanese Chef[MA1] , Sausage World Jakarta, to Voyage Hotel Antalya, Russia and Ela Quality Resort Hotel (Antalya, Russia).
The Chairman of IIF, Magda Safrina, contends that the unique attractions that Chef Muto brings to the table will become a part of IIF’s effort in providing quality entertainment while showing visitors the joy and fun one could find in the process of preparing a dish.
“Cooking has now become a trend in its own right; the image that cooking and all that it entails is solely the responsibility of a housewife has slowly faded. Cooking has become a profession with a massive potential for the young generation,” said Magda.
In this opportunity for him to showcase the full breadth of his culinary talents, Chef Muto will challenge a world-class chef in a culinary battle. Who shall be his opponent in this battle of chefs? Stay tuned to find out.