Ini Halal Korea Supports IIF 2016

Published On : August 9, 2016 at 11:01 am

Foto Halal In Korea

Following the events of the International Islamic Fair (IIF) press conference, which was held on June 30 2016, support for IIF 2016 is steadily flowing from various parties. In particular, for the Halal Food & Beverage program, support has been expressed by Ini Halal Korea, a business and commerce consultation firm based in Seoul, South Korea.


Thursday, July 14 2016, at Jakarta’s Menara Hijau, Magda Safrina as Chief Executive of IIF 2016 as well as her team met with the founder of Ini Halal Korea, Dr. Ali An Sun Geun, M.A. It is during this meeting that Dr. Ali expressed his enthusiasm and support for IIF 2016.


According to the Korean-born man, who has now become an Indonesian citizen and a full-fledge muslim, the Halal Food & Beverage segment of IIF 2016 is a program that could become a potent medium of promotion for the development of halal food in Indonesia and beyond.
Of this issue, the Doctor, who earned his doctorate at UIN Syarif Hidayatullah and his magister degree at the 9 th batch of PTIK, said the following: “The worldwide populace [of muslims], whether they hail from the Middle East, America, Europe, or Asia, including Korea, is now coming to realize the importance of halal food. In Korea, for example, several companies that produce halal food products have been given halal certification by Indonesia’s LPPOM MUI.”


Dr. Ali, who penned the books “Carilah Ilmu Ke Negeri Korea” and “Islam Damai di Negeri Asia Timur Jauh”, observed that Indonesia, as a nation that possesses a populace 250 million-strong, the majority of which are muslims, is an important stakeholder in the halal food business.


Unfortunately, as it stands, Indonesia is positioned more as a consumer instead of a producer. “IIF 2016, through the Halal Food & Beverage program, can encourage the Indonesian populace, especially the younger generation, to become more creative in producing halal food.”
On October 2016, at the HIEXPO Kemayoran, Jakarta, along with a number of other guests and sources, Dr. Ali An Sun Geun, M.A, will participate in the talkshow program regarding Korean Halal Food.