Digitalization, a Form of IIF’S Commitment to Building Better Human Resource In Pasantren

Published On : August 13, 2016 at 5:09 am

Pertemuan FSPP

Among the various events held in the International Islamic Fair (IIF) 2016, this Islam-themed exhibtion also doesn’t forget about its moral value to contribute to the people (ummah), one of which is through digitalizing islamic school and dormitories (pesantren).


This is stated by the Chairman of IIF, Magda Safrina in a Pesantren Meeting Forum taking place in Lebak Banten on Wednesday, August 10th 2016.


The forum held as a platform for about 3500 pesantrens in Banten proposed to IIF to be able to contribute towards building better human resources in pesanten, which is responded positively by IIF.


“We have been planning to take a third party to carry out the Pesantren Digitalization program that will be launched in the IIF event,” says Magda.


For that, she continues, her team will be building networks with as many pesantrens as possible, one of which is through the holding of Pesantren Meeting Forum.


To realize this Pesantren Digitalization program initiative, IIF will work together with ITB Cyber Security Center as well as the manager for network infrastructure.