IIF 2016 Features World-Famous Fashion Stylist & Beauty Blogger

Published On : August 15, 2016 at 7:57 pm
Fatema Al Awadhi, Beauty Blogger
Fatema Al Awadhi, Beauty Blogger

All the way from Canada and Quwait, how are these two inspiring muslimahs going to share their knowledge and experiences in the IIF event 2016?


Although 2016 is the first time IIF (International Islamic Fair) takes place, its organizer, Terra Convex has committed to make IIF 2016 an interesting event that will spread out inspirations to as many people as possible, especially the muslimahs. Fashion Show & Exhibition will be one of the five programs in IIF 2016 that will be presented in an appealing way. For example the talkshow event, it will be attended by two fascinating muslimahs. One is from north America, Canada to be exact, and the other one is all the way from the middle east—Quwait.


The first lady is Rania Qureshi. If you are someone who follows one of the programs about a woman’s efforts to find the perfect wedding gown for her special day, the show “Say Yes to the Dress”, you will definitely be seeing Rania. She is a bridal consultant whose job is to help all bride-to-bes to reach the perfect wedding they deeply desire, and be the queen for one day, to be in an elegant and beautiful white wedding gown.


Why is that program so different? It’s beacuse this Pakistani lady who now resides in Toronto, Canada, is the only bridal consultant who is wearing the veil—the islamic symbol of modesty. That is also what makes Rania the first hijabi to appear in a national television in Canada.

“I’m always interested in combining modern modest fashion and traditional style with also adding some accessories,” says this mother of two. In IIF 2016, Rania who has a hobby of traveling, would be more than willing to share all her ideas about modest fashion.


The other distinguished speaker, Fatema Al Awadhi is also a captivating woman. If you’re interested in seeing her profile, then simply typing “@justfatema” on instagram will instantly show everything that you want to know. As a fashion, lifestyle, and beauty blogger, Fatema has no less than 112.000 fillowers. Through her instagram posts, this blogger from Quwait always shares the latest ideas on lifestyle, fashion, and beauty.


Rania Qureshi, Bridal Consultant
Rania Qureshi, Bridal Consultant

Speaking about fashion, Fatema says, “I believe that fashion shouldn’t make someone feel intimidated or feel some pressure. Quite the contrary, fashion can be something fun and could make someone look amazing.” In IIF 2016, Fatema will be sharing the many tricks on how a muslimah can appear beautiful and full of confidence.


As the chairman of IIF 2016, Magda Safrina invites all muslimahs to not miss this rare and wonderful opportunity. “This kind of thing very rarely happens. My hopes is that many muslimahs can come and use this opportunity to gain new knowledge, and maybe also share some, as well as discuss things directly with Rania and Fatema.”