Supported by HIMPUH, the IIF Umrah, Hajj, and Halal Tourism Fair at IIF is Going to Pick Up

Published On : August 8, 2016 at 1:59 am
An event rooted in Islamic values is surely incomplete without the presence of an umrah, hajj, and halal tourism fair. For this purpose, International Islamic Fair (IIF) will present the aforementioned fair as one of its main attractions.
Aside from enjoying art and cultural performances hailing from a variety of countries, IIF visitors can also browse an extensive selection of umrah travel, ONH Plus hajj, and halal tourism packages to the participating countries.
“This is what separates IIF from pavilions of a similar kind; we have a direct display of Islamic countries in the nation pavilion area, and if visitors are interested, then they can directly select their travel package in the travel area,” said the Chairman of IIF, Magda Safrina.
Halal tourism has indeed become a significant trend in the muslim traveler community, which makes it very important to introduce and expose the various halal travel destinations to the public.
In order to enliven the event, while also maintaining the quality of travel service agents, Magda admitted that her team has joined in partnership with the Umrah and Hajj Organizer Community (Himpunan Penyelenggara Umrah dan Haji/HIMPUH).
In the meeting between IIF and HIMPUH, which was represented by none other than its Chairman, H. Baluki Ahmad, on Friday, August 4 2016, a number of points were agreed to by both parties; among them, HIMPUH on principle supports the events of IIF 2016 by instructing its members to participate in the event and publish the activities of IIF 2016 through their internal media.
HIMPUH is a community of Umrah and ONH Plus Hajj Organizers with 361 Umrah and ONH plus hajj agents throughout Indonesia. Since its founding in 2009 through a Grand Assembly in Kuningan, West Java, HIMPUH has guided and aided its members in distributing their services to nearly half a million umrah participants and more than 50.000 ONH plus hajj pilgrims.