Comitted To Islam, IIF Works Together With Ustad Bachtiar Nasir

Published On : August 8, 2016 at 1:57 am
In their realization that organizing a grand event under the banner of Islam is a huge responsibility,, Internasional Islamic Fair (IIF) 2016 has joined in partnership with a number of parties as their board of advisors, among them Ustad Bachtiar Nasir.
Ustad Bachtiar Nasir, commonly known as UBN, is a charismatic ulama known for consistently and faithfully applying the values of aqidah in life. UBN also holds the position of Secretary General of the Young Intellectuals and Ulama Assembly Indonesia (Majelis Intelektual & Ulama Muda Indonesia /MIUMI).
In the meeting between the IIF organizers, led by Chairman Magda Safrina, and UBN on Thursday, August 5 2016, UBN expressed his approval of IIF, which he valued as a big and brave initiative. It is because of this, UBN said, that he expressed his support of IIF and all the potential it holds.
Aside from conveying his readiness when asked to be an advisor, UBN is also ready to become a speaker at one of the educational talkshow programs that will be part of IIF 2016. UBN’s presence is expected to strengthen the Islamic values that will become the centerpiece of IIF, while also imparting the renowned ustad’s knowledge to the visitors.
“Since IIF was first conceptualized, we have always been on guard against the possibility of it being a medium for the commercialization of Islam. IIF has a mission that goes beyond that, so in its realization we are committed to applying the values of aqidah; hence, us inviting UBN,” ungkap Magda.
The appointment of UBN as an advisor was based on UBN’s consistency in keeping his aqidah, and his reputation as an ustad who is simple and clear in his communications. As such, it is no surprise that the social media-savvy ustad has more than 90.000 followers on his social media accounts.