Promoting Progress, Edifying the Globe


Islam is unique in that it is an all-encompassing religion, with myriads of adherents in every corner of the globe. The fact that these pluralistic communities, coming from a million different cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds, could accept Islam as their way of life is evidence of Islam’s capability as an agent of advancement and prosperity. But we are now on the precipice of change: with the recent leaps in information technology, the an Islamic society is on the path to becoming something much more than scattered communities brought together by a common faith. We are on the path of progress—to becoming a global Islamic society that promotes intercultural connection, the progression of knowledge, the development of economic cooperation, and the strengthening of people-to-people relations. We are on the path of becoming a global Islamic society so strong and united that together we will edify the globe. This is the vision we work towards.


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Cultural Expo and Perfomances


In Cultural Expo and Performances, Islamic countries from various parts of the world will exhibit the representation of their nations in pavilions. Here, visitors will have the opportunity to view up-close a multitude of artworks and relics from other Islamic nations and acquaint themselves with the lifestyle of other Islamic communities from across the globe. Furthermore, visitors will be entertained with performance art by participating countries to further immerse themselves in other Islamic cultures of the world.


Education and Book Fair


In the Education and Book Fair, the general public will be able to observe the educational milestones that have been accomplished by Islamic educational institutions both local and abroad. Visitors can also witness firsthand the scientific and technological progress achieved by young Muslim scientists.
Also a part of this event is an Islamic book fair containing high-quality works of literature from renowned authors both from Indonesia and abroad. A variety of other events, such as robotic demos, an MTQ competition, and a research competition will also be held in the vicinity.



Fashion Show & Exhibition


In keeping with the Indonesian ambition to become the world capital of muslim fashion, the IIF 2016 Fashion Show will showcase the works of over 50 conventional designers and blogger-designers hailing from both Indonesia as well as from other nations.
A Fashion Exhibition will also be present in the vicinity, where stands showcasing the works of high profile designers as well as the collections of e-commerce stores and small businesses will be put on display. Furthermore, a variety of seminars, talkshows, and demos on fashion and beauty, as well as a seminar on the world muslim fashion forecast, will also be held at the event.



Halal Food & Beverage Exhibition


The rapidly rising amount of the world muslim population signifies a similar rise in the demand for halal food and beverages. The IIF 2016 Halal Food and Beverage Exhibition will become a medium for manufacturers and producers to introduce and promote their halal products to potential consumers. A number of seminars, demos, and halal food competitions will also be held in order to raise awareness about what constitutes halal consumables.


Umrah, Hajj & Halal Tourism Expo


The increase in the economic standards of the global muslim community has led to a consequent rise in the interest of leisurely and spiritual travel. The Umrah, Hajj and Halal Tourism Expo will be an extremely conducive medium for the promotion of Islamic travel destinations all around the world to domestic and international tourists.